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Efficient electrical refrigerator-chest

2.0. ⇛ 0.1. + 0.2. + 0.3. + 1.1.
Economies via cost-effective refrigerator are:

  • 0. The best thermal insulation.
  • 0.1. Less need for electricity.
  • 0.2. Benefits to health, human performance.
  • 0.3. Cost-effective thermal insulation, better heat insulation.
  • 1. Cleanliness.
  • 1.1. Special Features: more economical cleanliness refrigerator.
  • 2. The KEY.
  • 2.0. Changing the layout of the refrigerator from cabinet (vertical door, horizontal loading) to chest (horizontal door, vertical loading).

Key of the economic fridge is in the disposition

Good thermal insulation is a prerequisite of the economical fridge

Ground of electricity savings are due to changes in the layout {0. the best thermal insulation (the refrigerator let out less cold and lets in less heat)}.

Hence the three economies:

  • Saving electricity by refrigerator.
  • Savings: benefits to health, human performance.

Saving electricity by refrigerator

Refrigerator-chest needs less cold {0.1., see list below the article}, therefore, needs less power to form the cold.

By changing fridge layout, you can do better insulation and avoid cold non-motorized thermoelements Peltier - {summing, results in savings 0.1.}, which are immeasurably longer, no noise, no vibration, do not require an alternating electric current. And the noise, vibration, low frequency electromagnetic field are not beneficial to health supplements to environmental factors and therefore reduce human performance, including intelligence.

Savings {0.2.}: benefit health, human performance

Health savings, there is no the damaging factors of the compressor refrigerator, when there is no compressor refrigerator itself.

Cost-effective thermal insulation {0.3.}, better heat insulation

Save 0.1. is due to the possibility of applying a sheet (more economical) refrigerator insulation.

Special Features: more economical cleanliness refrigerator

Save 1.1. is the reduced labor intensity to maintain cleanliness in the refrigerator. Unappetizing odor originates in the refrigerator from: a) food flavorings; b) from absorpting (different) dirt by microbes. If an objection a) washing practically powerless, then b) washing very helpful.

a) against the odors of food flavorings in refrigerator washing practically powerless.
Modern 'Chinese flavors' are more hallucinogens of odors - smells-tastes phantoms, ghosts, than normal odors. In this case, the concentration of 'odorous substance' does not play a significant role: the dependence of 'more substance - the stronger the smell' does not work.

An example of such a "fantastic story" may be familiar to all glutamate, which is used for all odorants-phantoms. Ancient artificial chemical became widespread after WWII as a food additive "E", glutamate is formed naturally in living organisms. Glutamate acts as a neurotransmitter (neuromodulator) used (in particular) "to improve the taste"; according to the Codex Alimentarius neuromodulator glutamate is 'E620'. 'Food Code' is a set of international food standards adopted by the International Commission of FAO / WHO for the implementation of the code of standards and regulations of the Food Standards Code, covering basic foodstuffs (as processed and semi-processed and unprocessed.) [the retelling of the Wikipedia's article] (Codex Alimentarius is known as a "food additive codes".)

b) Washing refrigerator from the the usual dirt
'Convenient' uneconomical traditional fridge with a great many cubbyhole shelves are inconvenient to clean from dirt. Due to the absorption of dirt and food stands by microbes, fungies stands the smell.

Is natural, having the refrigerator washed, the sources of bad odors (microorganisms) die without food, and if so - that the air in refrigerator smells only of plastic materials and a delicious meal. It (quality cleaning of refrigerator) is satisfied, provided that the configuration of the cold space is simple and hidden places are easily accessible (or missing), ie change the layout of refrigerator from cupboard to chest makes refrigerator cleaner.

Changing the layout of refrigerator: from a fridge-cabinet to a fridge-bin

Changing the layout of the refrigerator from cabinet (vertical door, horizontal loading) to chest (horizontal door, vertical loading) {2.0.} is puzzling:
a chest is more convenient! Storage products more compact!
But is it?
If to the chest put multistory wire (of bars) food baskets, then the food can be stored even more compactly (good food)! Health-wash of the refrigerator rise to a high level.

Scheme of a chest-refrigerator

Drawing of the chest refrigeration (instead of ice-cellar) for storing food
where are on the figure:

  • 1 - refrigerated volume, by refrigeration thermocouples Peltier, surrounded by a thermal insulator - foam sheet
  • 2 - Peltier cooling elements (Peltier modules) to "high" radiators-"chimneys" (with hot and cold sides), the movement of air in them is gravity. (Without blowing noisy fans).
  • 3 -the air flow for cooling - air flow for heat transfer (cooling) the hot side Peltier module
  • 4 - the blows air to cold side of the Peltier element, for cooling volume; also without fans, but the natural circulation.
  • 5 - horizontal heat-insulated door, a chest refrigeration hatch for loading / unloading of delicious food. (According to the law of Archimedes,cold air splatters in the refrigerator-chest, and does not come out through the vertical [ "comfortable"] usual refrigerator's door.)

The idea of ​​a chest-fridge with other practical sides:

Refrigerated insulated chest* by solid refrigeration electrical Peltier elements:a modern refrigerator**, cold cellar - ice house *** (in Russian).

* refrigerated insulated chest (horizontal layout of the store, vertical loading) - Compare: insulated refrigerated cabinet ([for nothing] usual refrigerator) - vertical warehouse layout, horizontal loading;

** modern fridge - electric compressor refrigerator, working by freon;

*** ice house - a cellar with ice, with the outflow of water from the melting ice

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