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Oreshak: old village, environs, nature
about our village

choosing a settling place in Varna region
the chronicle:
choosing a settling place
in Varna region


Zero energy house in practice

Our experience in constructing of energy and foodstuff autonomous (maximum possible) rural house

It is:

  • Unboundedness - possibility to keep house's comfort without public energy.
  • Hobby - eco technology and inventing.
  • Collection - just interesting to have this stuff.
  • And no more energy argues!

In August 2007 construction and building of the zero energy house has started in village Oreshak, situated in 12 kilometers from Varna (Bulgaria). The key element of this house is little energy requirements and production of own energy from green (sustainable) sources - like it is shown on the picture. Using renewable energy sources so that the house will be like part of the nature.


Envirociety.org`s articles

Abstract of the ecological, economical and engineering project

Environmental conditions and situation

Eco project chronicle

Economical eco building and engineering


Related eco topics

You can see the energy autonomous house building process, our practical results, the use experience in the chronicle.


Renewable energy sources on our parcel

Renewable energy sources in our land

Accessible power on (in and upon) the parcel
year average

Geothermal energy (Ground heat energy): 6.1 KWatt
Heat energy of air: 12 MWatt (Mega Watt)
Wind energy: 3.8 KWatt
Solar energy: 180 KWatt
Steam in air (latent heat of evaporation - power of water condensing): ? KWatt

Land area is 680 sq. meters...

See calculations - "Free energy" from renewable sources on (under and upon) our parcel.


Encyclopedia: human culture, knowledge, information

The basis, the structure of the online encyclopedia are practical Wikipedia articles. You can think that this section is Wikipedia table of contents (according to the understanding of Envirociety`s author). Fundamental human material needs are (including):

  • health
  • food (incl. air and water)
  • clean environment (INCLUDING around people, viz. these all these items)
  • clothes, shoes
  • household
  • household appliances and chemicals


Health (Or non-disease)

it would seem, key concept [b]Health[/b] in Wikipedia is not represented (within the meaning of in fact), but there is an Wikipedia`s article [b]Health[/b]. The concept of [/[b]health[/b] is replaced by the concept of [b]the risk of loss of health, ie disease[/b].

Wikipedia (mostly) understands under [i]health[/i] wellness methods, but not the concept of "health" and its criterions The aim of the author is to show health criterions. Articles-partitions in Wikipedia are:

  • Social determinants of health and Risk factor
  • Mental health
  • Maintaining health
  • Diet: healthy diet, human nutrition
  • (Physical) exercise
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Health science; medical sociology
  • Role of public health
  • Occupational health
  • [b]WikipediaBook section Health[/b]

Health criteria values

Naturally, bureaucratic WHO (World Health Organization of UN) has no materials on health criteria - I did not find the health criteria in WHO`s website.

HCV ([human] Health Criteria Values)

HCV in documents associated (mostly) with the risks associated with the environment (environmental pollution), as though the person placed on wildlife, automatically receives a 100 percent health. Therefore not find a better unblemished (100% accuracy) the definition of health is a non-disease.

And what is the disease? (Then there is health? :-)
The disease. It is unhealthy!
(Such a diagnosis is obtained for WHO.)
dark humor

WHO, as well as all (mostly) Internet figures and plane figures on health advertise dependence (unknown) health from environmental pollution (in the democratic states ;-).

For example:
Global Health Cluster (of WHO -> of UN)

About the concept of health by Global Health Cluster (WHO) can be seen in the title of their programs and projects:

  • African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control
  • Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research
  • Avian influenza
  • Blood products and related biologicals
  • Blood transfusion safety
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Child growth standards !!! about health (more see below)(?)
  • Children's environmental health
  • Codex Alimentarius
  • Diabetes Programme
  • eHealth
  • Electromagnetic fields (EMF)
  • Emergencies preparedness, response
  • Food safety
  • Global action plan for influenza vaccines
  • Household water treatment and safe storage
  • Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals
  • Indoor air pollution
  • Occupational health
  • Oral health
  • Public Health and Environment
  • Public Health, Innovation, Intellectual Property and Trade
  • Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)
  • Trade, foreign policy, diplomacy and health
  • Vaccine Safety
  • Zoonoses and veterinary public health

moral is:
The health in post-industrial society kept secret


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  >> Environmental conditions and situations  
  >> Eco project chronicle  
  >> Economical eco building and engineering  
  >> Photo album index.   Nature photos, eco project photo reports, landscapes.

>> How we use "free energy" from renewable sources
underground heat accumulator
building of the underground heat accumulator

opposite to nannospalax leucodon
our opposite to nannospalax leucodon
(underground rodent)
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eco photos of nature and people

  • "Free energy" from renewable sources.
    Accessible energy on (in and upon) our land. Calculation.

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